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Explore ALL YOUR COLLEGE TENNIS OPTIONS in an UNPRECEDENTED WAY for under $20!!Get a junior ranking, SAT/ACT score, team ranking, domestic/international breakdown and state of every American Collegiate Tennis Team from 2003-2013 here!

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JuniorTennisConsulting also offers many services to American players of all levels.


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Have you ever wondered?

  • What college tennis advice steers junior players in the wrong direction?
  • Do college coaches just look at USTA national rankings?
  • How do I even start looking for a place for my child to play college tennis?
  • Does it make sense for my child to play in an older age group?
  • Does it make sense to chase USTA points?
  • Can I get a 2nd opinion on what direction my child should take in his/her college search from someone who does not have a financial stake in our investment in tennis?
  • What is the timeline for the recruiting process? Who initiates the contact?
  • When is the best time to contact college coaches?
  • How realistic is it for my child to improve from a three-star recruit to a five-star recruit? What is a five-star recruit?
  • Will my 9th grade child’s tennis be good enough to be a “hook” for collegiate admissions offices?
  • My child plays three doubles for her high school team. Is there a college team that she could play for?

Experience Counts

Ricky Becker has been on the tennis scene and accomplished much in his 30+ years of playing and coaching competitive junior, collegiate and professional tennis.

Ricky’s Accomplishments

  • Top-5 nationally ranked player in the Boys’ 18’s in 1992
  • MVP of Stanford University’s National Championship Tennis Team in 1996
  • Current and former coach of numerous top-10 Eastern and top-25 nationally ranked players
  • Keynote speaker at numerous USTA/Eastern College Showcase Day Events, USTA/Eastern Sportsmanship Award Ceremonies and Long Island Region Award Ceremonies